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Happy Easter

Sorry internet….Is being a crazy week. My grandpa still in the hospital but he’s getting better. Thank God!!!

So yesterday we decided to take JD to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather. I had in mind to do a little photo shoot . After packing all the essentials for a afternoon in the park – blankets, toys, jacket, change of clothes, food, bottle, more food, bib, camera…off we went.If you live in NY you’ll know that is being raining non stop for the past days so as we got to the park – after taking the stroller, the bags,  JD – we discovered that it takes more than a sunny day to dry out all the rain from the grass. After getting our shoes wet, the stroller wheels covered in duck poop we decided that maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all. Of course that JD was loving the whole getting in and out of the car trying to find a dry piece of grass. As we drove back home – pictureless – we saw this beautiful dry grass by a neighbors building and decided to make the best out of that situation. Here are the results –

Enjoy and Happy Easter!!!

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