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It seems that I’m following a pattern…writing in this blog every other month – almost…sorry internet!

But you know If I could I would like to explain myself. It’s been pretty chaotic in our house now ( when isn’t???), my mom went back to Brazil last weekend after 3 weeks of intense shopping and sightseeing, Joshua got a cold and so did I, we were hit by a storm last Thursday and were left without cable/internet and on top of that I went back to school…so you see internet it not like I don’t have¬†anything to tell you I do, belive me… a lot! Is just that my boss sometimes acts like a baby ūüôā but a¬† very cute one!!

I got so extremely happy to open Casamenteiras and see our party there, yay!!! They are so amazing and the things they feature are to die for.

After planning this party everyone is telling me¬†I should do this for a living and Oh boy, I would love that, so my dear friend Roxy is trusting me with planning/decorating her son’s 1st Birthday and I’ll tell you more about that in a few days.

A lot of people are asking me how I did¬†Joshua’s party so I’m going to do a little behind the scenes with this post. First of all I need to tell you that I am a mom on a budget so everything was a result of a good bargain and a lot of hard work.

I thought I would give you the details of some of the things I did for the party and also the vendors I used.

¬†Joshua’s shirt was ordered from Melina at lilpinkchicken, on Etsy. She was so sweet, even called me to make sure she was using the colors I wanted.Will definitely use her again!

The sailor hat he’s using I got at Oriental Trading.


The white vases and the cake stand were  from my local Marshalls. The mini lighthouses from the Dollar Tree ( you can buy their stuff online now) The shot glasses, candy boxes and tubes were from Brazil ( I filled them um with blue M&Ms and coconut drops Рbala de coco).

I got the wood boats, lighthouses and anchors at Michaels, painted them with acrylic paint and voila!

My mom had this brilliant idea of hanging ribbons on this window and then gluing (actually double-sided tape was used) the origami boats that her friend in Brazil made for us and the miniature shapes that I also got at Michaels and painted. She did it on both sides of the window, the other side was facing the entrance of the party where we had the kids section with toys ( that I brought from home and used some of the church) and their food.



This is one of my favorites! We covered the windows on this wall with paper towel and decorated with pinwheels I made it myself and Origami boats and birds that my mom’s friend made it. I would never thought about using paper towel to cover anything but sometimes the simplest idea can transform a place.

I ordered the 3 foot balloons from here and they were just so magical.I used one of those air mattress machines to fill them up, I actually took one to be filled with Helium and it popped right away, so I used nylon thread and hung them from the ceiling down.

I also had 2 seagulls hanging from the ceiling, made by my grandpa right before he passed.It was my way of  honoring him.

And oh, the bears, I just loved them! They added so much to the table.


I got the straws here , the anchor, the J, the “1” sign (actually a clock I covered with a printed out number 1) and the cupcake wrappers at Homegoods. The banner and all the other paper goods, like the cupcake topper, I did it myself.

So, you see, it was a lot of things involved and a lot of time and work but oh boy I loved every minute!

My advice is be open. Don’t set your mind at finding everything at one store, keep you eyes open and take advantage of the deals and end of season sale. At the end the party needs to be stress free so you can all enjoy the labor of your love.

Are you planning a party? Or just had one? How did you do it? Would love to know!

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As my friend pointed out today “all the blogs out there have photos and not video”¬† . So in order to keep things less complicated I promise from now on to only put photos – maybe a video of Joshua playing his drum set¬†, thanks to my dear friends Juliana and Joyce. ūüôā

here are a few photos from his Sailor Party





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We just got back from our trip to Orlando, where there was 8 of us. It was as tiring as it was wonderful! JD loved everything …but that’s for another post.

Joshua’s party on the 14th was a success. I’m not sure how but at the end evertyhing that it was on my mind was tranfered into reality.

I was having a hard time deciding on a theme until the day a friend sent me an email with a link from a party featured at www.casamenteiras.com.br and I fell in love with the sailor theme they had on.

From there I started planning his party. Inspiration came from everywhere, from blogs (like thepartydress.net, thetomkatstudio.com, marthstewart.com) to clothes (the color scheme came from this shirt that I got at Target a while ago) but my main worry was staying on or under my budget. I had to do a lot of things myself, waited until after 4th of July so I could by the things with a reduced price and did a lot of shopping online. I was able to get great deals from stores like Party City to websites like orientaltrading.com.

With theme and color set I started hunting down all the Homegoods, Tj Maxx, Marshall’s and Dollar Tree in my area for everything nautical¬†(thank you to Joyce and Juliana for enduring them). And oh boy…did I find them.

Here is the invitation I designed. I’ve seen the wrap around label all over the blogs and decided to give it a try and I really loved the result!

We decided to have the party at our church instead of our house because it was just too many people to have it in our house in a hot summer day – if you live in NYC and have no central AC you will know what I mean :).

I just loved how all turned out. I had lots of help from my friends and family ( mom and brother that flew in from Brazil were so helpful!!!!!)

The photos were taken by the best photographer I know Pam Rodrigues http://www.facebook.com/#!/pamylaphotos

you’ll see a few bad ones that were taken by me with my old camera ¬† ūüėõ

My friend Carol  http://www.facebook.com/#!/walkercarolina?ref=ts  made the cupcakes and the boat shaped cookies. THANK YOU!!!!They were so yummy!!!!!

And now without further ado…. The result:

I used the 3 feet baloons instead  and paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling

One of the walls were covered with paper towel – believe me you couldn’t tell – origami and pinwheels. And it came out better that I ever imagined.

I just loved how it all came together. Thank you so much to everyone that came and were a part of our baby’s 1st year celebration.

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