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Christmas is only a day away and I can’t wait !!

We just had our celebration this past Sunday and it was a big success. Thanks again to everyone that helped!!

I want to share with you how it all turned out.

It all started with this invitation made by our friend and pastor,Lucas Walker. A big thanks to Juliana, Joyce and Tommy for all the help!

All pictures were taken by the fabulous Pam from Pam Rodrigues Photos

I decided to go with a red, green and blue color theme.

We had a delicious menu and for dessert we went with a chocolate fondue table

Can I just say that I loved this fondue table….it was scrumptious!!

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Mickey Mouse Sailor Party

So I know that Christmas is next week but I had to share with you these great pictures from a party featured at Casamenteiras. I just love when I see a boy’s theme birthday party and this one is amazing. It is so easy to create a beautiful party for girls, with pink, bows, ribbons and all the girlie things, but trust me whan I say that boys are so much harder.

I was lucky that Joshua was not into any character when it was time for his 1st birthday but I’m so aware what waits for me next August: a Elmo-Pooh-Trucks-Car- Airplane Extravaganza 🙂

This party was created by Kely from Bella Fiore, a brazilian company specialized in creating unique events. She decided to do a Mickey Mouse Sailor( I DO LOVE SAILOR PARTIES ) party for her twin nephews and, Oh boy, did I wish Joshua had an auntie like her 🙂

All photos Casamenteiras

It just makes me happy to see that there is a way to incorporate the characters into a beautiful design. What did you think?

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So here we are , 12 days before Christmas and I’m just loving it all! The decorations, lighting and smells ( my house in particular smells like cinnamon, thanks to these pinecones from Michael’s). I finally got our decorations out, even the big Santa Elmo – even though I can’t seem to remember where did I put our tree skirt….Joshua is loving the Christmas tree and all the ornaments, I actually think he loves taking out the ornaments more than the tree itself 🙂 I will post pictures of it and I promise will be before New year’s Eve 🙂

In the meantime I want to share with you a great Christmas Tree idea that I got from my dear friend Cami from Canada. She has a toddler herself and what she came up with is just so toddler friendly. She decided to forgo the real tree because of the throwing away after Christmas day factor and not being a  fan of the fake ones, she went with cardstock instead and look how beautiful it turned out. She even had left overs to do gift tags and place cards

And look what she did with Origami

Don’t you love this? And I just think is just a great way to add some holiday decor into a house and all she used was paper, glue and ribbons. Gotta love that!!!

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Today’s post is going to be 2 in 1.

I’m sorry I didn’t do our Wednseday Love post, but we had a “Joshua being up all night, with fever and having to go to the doctor early morning” kind of day yesterday so I wasn’t able to get near the computer.

But our Wednesday love goes to My Sweet and Saucy. You may know them already ( they were the ones behind Miley Cyrus 18th birthday dessert table)  but I just found out about them and I’m so in love. Not only they create beautiful things they also have a huge selection of cake stands, platters and bowls for sale (yay)

Aren’t they precious? L.O.V.E.I.T!!!!

Oh, and I didn’t forget about our inspiration boards. I’ve decided on a Red, Aqua and Green color palette for the Christmas party I’m helping plan at church

images Better Home & Gardens

Christmas Blessings / Debbie Olson

Christmas card from Debbie Olson

And I know I’ve posted this one before but the colors are just perfect together

Now is just a matter of putting it all together.

Stay tuned for our next post and I would love for you to LIKE us on facebook.

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Countdown for Christmas

I’m sorry for being so bad, I really am. We were away for Thanksgiving and it seems that a very annoying flu decided to ride back home with us and we’re all sharing the same sore throat, cough and bodyache.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were reminded of what really matters in life, because sometimes we get cought up on things and forget the real deal.

On another note, November is gone and can I just say that Christmas is right around the corner…Oh my!! I haven’t even put up our decorations yet, have you?

I haven’t checked any website or blog since we left for Thanksgiving and I’m so overhelmed by all the post that are out there. There are so many things going on that I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch up, but to start things right and put you and myself in the holiday spirit I have a few things to share with you today.

First of all, I did my first Christmas wreath and let me tell you that i got fooled by the whole project, it seemed to much easier than what it was, but at the end it came out ok. Not perfect, but ok for being the first one

I used the wreath wire that I got at Michaels for less than $4, Christmas balls from the Dollar tree ( some of them I covered with yarn – found that less expensive than using styrofoam balls) and a few sweater flowers that i did myself. The inspiration came from Kristi from Life through the lens and I’m aware that mine is far away from hers but it was my first …. 🙂

We even used it as a prop

what do you think?

Also, starting today, I’m going to be doing an inspiration board to get you (and myself) inspired. I’m planning a Christmas party for the church and I’m loving all the ideas that are out there.

I just love this one from The White Library and I love how the red, white and silver are displayed

And how about a red and aqua dessert table from Green Apple Paperie

What color palette are you using for your party? I would love to know

Stay tuned for our next inspirations and don’t forget to LIKE US on Facebook.

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