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Mickey Mouse Sailor Party

So I know that Christmas is next week but I had to share with you these great pictures from a party featured at Casamenteiras. I just love when I see a boy’s theme birthday party and this one is amazing. It is so easy to create a beautiful party for girls, with pink, bows, ribbons and all the girlie things, but trust me whan I say that boys are so much harder.

I was lucky that Joshua was not into any character when it was time for his 1st birthday but I’m so aware what waits for me next August: a Elmo-Pooh-Trucks-Car- Airplane Extravaganza 🙂

This party was created by Kely from Bella Fiore, a brazilian company specialized in creating unique events. She decided to do a Mickey Mouse Sailor( I DO LOVE SAILOR PARTIES ) party for her twin nephews and, Oh boy, did I wish Joshua had an auntie like her 🙂

All photos Casamenteiras

It just makes me happy to see that there is a way to incorporate the characters into a beautiful design. What did you think?

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