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Monkey see, Monkey do

One of my dearest friend is expecting her first baby and I was so thrilled to design the invitations for her baby shower.

My inspiration came from her love for Sock Monkey and with that in mind I created the whole design for the party. The shower is in a couple of weeks but I had to show you how the invitations turned out.

This the first project Gigi  ( YES, I named my Silhouette ) and I done together, and all I can tell you is that she is a lifetime kind of partner 🙂

I am just bananas over this invitation!!!

This item is now available on the shop.

Happy Wednesday!!



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If you follow my blog you’ll know that I have a crush on the Brazilian site Casamenteiras. Not only do they have great articles and inspirations but the girls behind it ( Karen, Karla and their newest member, Raquel) are the sweetest girls ever!

So when I saw this darling baby shower that Karen had put together to celebrate the welcoming of her baby boy I couldn’t resist but to share it with you.

Love the pastel colors used throughout the decor and all the yummy treats at the desert table.

Look at this cake…I’m loving the details

Beautiful, right? You can see more pictures and the full post here.

Congratulations Karen!!

Happy Wednesday!

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7 years and counting

Sunday is my wedding anniversary! Seven years ago, I was just a girl steps away from the best day of her life.  Today I just want to share with you how grateful and honored I am to be married to the most amazing man ever!

When we got engaged, April of 2003, I knew exactly what I wanted for the big day, and from there I started going through Brides Magazines, getting ideas from sites like The knot and Martha Stewart and I realized that the wedding I wanted was way over our budget. We were both young, I had a full-time job as nanny and we were the ones paying for the whole thing. So off I went, to get the best deals and to make sure our day was just like in my dreams. I had no planning experience, so I hired an event company that was very within our budget that did everything for the reception, but I made sure to choose each and every details and at the end, when the day arrived, I was so happy with it.

Sorry about the pictures, I actually took pictures of our album so I could show you 🙂

This is where all started, my life, my family and my passion for parties. I loved planning for my wedding and now that I know all the amazing vendors and inspiration sites out there I can only wait to renew my vows at our 10th anniversary…

All original pictures taken by MJ Photography

Happy Anniversary my love!!

And a happy Friday  to everyone!!

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Remember the darling baby shower my sister-in-law had a while ago that I had the pleasure to show you? And remember how I promised you a tutorial on these adorable baby shoes she used as favors?

Well, I’m a girl that delivers – even with a few months of delay.

My sister-in-law had promised me the tutorial but didn’t have a chance to photograph the process step by step because she was very busy with her baby girl. She was finally able to send me the tutorial with lots of pictures and I’m so excited to share it with you.

So without further ado I present you our first tutorial:

The Materials

  1. Template ( click here to download)
  2. Scissors
  3. Paper
  4. Glue
  5. Buttons
  6. Bows (made out of paper or fabric bows)

Step by step instructions:

  1. Print out the free template and cut it

2.  Using the template trace  out the shape of the shoe and the sole into the scrap paper of your choice

3. And cut it

4. Mark the 3rd tab  and the sole of the shoe and start gluing there ( as shown in the picture) Put a dot of glue on each tab and glue the shoe, making sure that the part that is being glued is actually facing the inside

5. After finishing with the glue all you need is the embellishments. You could use bows or buttons.

So here you go, our first tutorial, step by step. The possibilities are endless…I’m already planning to use them for a baby shower I’m designing for next month. The mom to be is having a boy and all I need to do is use some boyish colors and voila.

Would love to know how do you plan to use them.

Stay tuned for a few special post later on this week…

In a few days I celebrate my 7th anniversary and that last week before my wedding day keeps coming to my mind, all the plans, the dreams and the joy of starting a new life with the man I love. I’m so thankful to God for having this amazing man by my side! And this week I want all to be part of our story…

Happy Wednesday!!

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And we are back with more amazing shots by Pam Rodrigues  from the Vintage Shower we had a couple of weekends ago.

I wanted to show some of the details from the dessert table and also to let you know  – in case you couldn’t tell 🙂 – that I even used coffee filter  ( a lot of it )dyed with tea to create the decor for this party. Take a look at the frame we used for the photos, all decorated with coffee filter flowers.

Once again a big thank you to Neide Lima from GIF Floral and Event Design for her amazing creations and Pam for all the awesome pictures.

PS: a few of the pictures were taken by yours truly, so excuse the lack of professionalism 🙂

Myself and Gabi, the bride to be ( she is getting married in a week, yay!!) posing with the frame I made using coffee filter flowers.


You can read more about this party here ( also see all the credits).

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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