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I can not belive my little baby is two already.

His birthday party was scheduled for a couple of weekends ago but Irene decided to show up uninvited and we had to postpone for a week later. And let me tell you it was just the perfect day for the most important person of our lives.

I decided to have the party at our own backyard and to cook the food myself – note to self: Catering!!!- dear internet please remind me of this next year ;).

The theme, as I mentioned here, was airplanes and the color orange. I created the design for the party making paper airplanes out of polka-dotted paper.

I worked with my sister-in-law, owner of Tudo de Bom Arte e Festa and we created a logo that was used throughout the whole decor.

I also wanted to forgo the whole idea of a “dessert table” and went with a “cubed display” instead.

I sent kids home with their own suitcase, hand stitched and personalized with each kid’s name on it. Inside we had Joshua’s favorites:Playdough, markers, stickers, fruit snacks (Cars, of course), and a blank canvas.

We had a blast, Joshua loved every minute of his party. There was an appearance by his favorite characters, Elmo and Buzz. I have no words to describe his face when he saw Elmo coming down the stairs. It was priceless!!

We had ice cream cone, cotton candy, face painting, tattoos, glow sticks, airplane shaped sandwiches, popcorn…so much fun!!!

Hope you are in for a load of pictures…Pam Rodrigues Photography once again rocked my world!


Thank you so much to everyone that joined us as we celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday! You are all very dear to our hearts!

Happy Wednesday!!


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Monkey see, Monkey do

One of my dearest friend is expecting her first baby and I was so thrilled to design the invitations for her baby shower.

My inspiration came from her love for Sock Monkey and with that in mind I created the whole design for the party. The shower is in a couple of weeks but I had to show you how the invitations turned out.

This the first project Gigi  ( YES, I named my Silhouette ) and I done together, and all I can tell you is that she is a lifetime kind of partner 🙂

I am just bananas over this invitation!!!

This item is now available on the shop.

Happy Wednesday!!



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If you follow my blog you’ll know that I have a crush on the Brazilian site Casamenteiras. Not only do they have great articles and inspirations but the girls behind it ( Karen, Karla and their newest member, Raquel) are the sweetest girls ever!

So when I saw this darling baby shower that Karen had put together to celebrate the welcoming of her baby boy I couldn’t resist but to share it with you.

Love the pastel colors used throughout the decor and all the yummy treats at the desert table.

Look at this cake…I’m loving the details

Beautiful, right? You can see more pictures and the full post here.

Congratulations Karen!!

Happy Wednesday!

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7 years and counting

Sunday is my wedding anniversary! Seven years ago, I was just a girl steps away from the best day of her life.  Today I just want to share with you how grateful and honored I am to be married to the most amazing man ever!

When we got engaged, April of 2003, I knew exactly what I wanted for the big day, and from there I started going through Brides Magazines, getting ideas from sites like The knot and Martha Stewart and I realized that the wedding I wanted was way over our budget. We were both young, I had a full-time job as nanny and we were the ones paying for the whole thing. So off I went, to get the best deals and to make sure our day was just like in my dreams. I had no planning experience, so I hired an event company that was very within our budget that did everything for the reception, but I made sure to choose each and every details and at the end, when the day arrived, I was so happy with it.

Sorry about the pictures, I actually took pictures of our album so I could show you 🙂

This is where all started, my life, my family and my passion for parties. I loved planning for my wedding and now that I know all the amazing vendors and inspiration sites out there I can only wait to renew my vows at our 10th anniversary…

All original pictures taken by MJ Photography

Happy Anniversary my love!!

And a happy Friday  to everyone!!

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Yay! It’s finally here. I’m thrilled to share with you the AMAZING pictures Pam from Pam Rodrigues Photography took of  the Bridal Shower I designed last weekend.

When my dear friend Joyce Walker approached me to plan her future sister-in-law’s bridal shower I couldn’t be more excited and honored. Joyce is one of those few people who you carry in your heart, one of those friendships that will endure everything and last forever.

Even before the date was set I was sure of the theme, you see, the bride to be, Gabriela, is a fashion designer and I knew for a fact that I wanted to incorporate that on the shower. I wanted the shower to have a vintage/romantic feeling and to incorporate texture and fabrics. Once we had the date I designed the invitation set ( see the post here) and came up with the design for the whole party.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

It was an honor to work with Neide Lima, the amazing girl behind GIF Floral and Event Design, she created all the flower arrangements and they were stunning!

Once again, Pam from Pam Rodrigues Photography was there to capture every detail and every moment of this special day.

Thank you Joyce and Gabriela for the opportunity. And congrats to Gabi!!!

I hope you are in for an overload of pictures. I’ll have to show you the details in 2 posts.


The Invitation


Party Design and paper products ~ Clemens Designs

Floral Arrangments ~ GIF Floral and Events Design

Photography ~ Pam Rodrigues Photography

Location ~ Clearview Golf Club

Can’t wait to share the dessert table with you guys 🙂

Have a great weekend!!!

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Hi there everyone!

It seems that my days are not long enough for all that’s going on. We are heading to Florida next week for some well deserved vacation, we are meeting with my mom, my brother and his family and we are going to visit a very special mouse 🙂

But before I go I wanted to share with you a few items that I’ll be adding to my Etsy shop.   I just created 3  new collections  and the fabulous Pam from Pam Rodrigues Photos  took some amazing pictures. Thank you Pam!

Hope you like them.






Sunshine Elephant Collection

You can check my Etsy shop here.

E para minhas queridas amigas brasileiras estarei adicionando esses produtos no Elo7, aqui.

Please stop by Pam’s page on Facebook and share some love ❤

I also have a fabulous bridal shower invitation to show you on Friday, I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with it. 😉

Happy Thursday!!


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Hi there everyone!

I know, I know….this blog says “oh baby boy” but is being a while since something boyish came this way, right?! But today, oh today .. today is a new day!

I want to share with you the cutest construction themed party ever!

I received an email from my friend Camila, she lives in Canada and like me is a brazilian momma trying to raise a boy in this world that’s being dominated by girly things (have you been shopping for boys latelly???NO OPTIONS!) and she came up with this cute party for her son’s 2nd birthday.

She is one talented momma! When she sent me the invitation I couldn’t wait for the party! Not only do I love the logo she created and carried it out throughout the party but also that she did everything herself with  help from her sister that flew in from Brazil and her husband.

Here is what she had to say about the party: ” We decided to have his party on Sunday Easter, and even thou a lot of people couldn’t make it was great for people like us that don’t have any family here in Canada to spend some time together.

I decided to do a construction theme party and used the orange, yellow and blue and it was the first party I did for him – last year we  had a picnic at a nearby park with the grandparents that came to visit.

The major problem we were having was the weather, and until the last-minute it was supposed to rain, so I had all the activities for the kids set up in the basement. But the big day came and the sun decided to show up, we had a great weather and were able to bring the activities to the backyard. We had a bounce house,  a toddler playground ( it was Pedro’s gift) and a lot of activities for the kids – coloring pages with the party theme, sidewalk chalk, decorate your own “hard hat”, there was also a  house that I made out of paperboard with a “Can you fix it” sign. The kids had a blast!

Now, I did all the planning, designing and arranging by myself with the help of my sister and my husband.  I made each kid a “hard hat”, also designed all the paper good, like the labels for the food , the water label, and all the other signs I used on the party.

I used a very cute fabric and did the sign with the birthday boy’s name ( I used picture frames that i got at my local dollar store and painted them yellow). I used the same fabric to make the birthday boy’s shirt,  his tool belt and the kid’s favor bags

On the dessert table  we had the cake ( it was actually a fake cake,  a glass bowl covered in icing and the cake stand was from my son’s room – his lamp shade),cupcakes ( real ones 🙂 ) , brazilian chocolate fudge  balls (brigadeiro) , dulce de leche served in cups, lemon mousse with nutella, cookies  and brownies.

It was a lot of work but at the end I think it all paid off. “


Oh boy, I love this!! If she didn’t tell me I could never say that cake wasn’t real

Good job Camila! The party look really good and the birthday boy ( and his shirt) is too cute!!

Can’t wait for next year 😉

Happy Wednesday! And keep the boyish things coming people!!



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