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Oh boy, oh boy, I have so much to tell you today.

March is gone (can you believe it?!!) and then comes my favorite month: APRIL, not sure if it’s because Spring HAS to happen (enough of this cold!) or could it be because of Easter and what it means to me or maybe because I may or may not get older  wiser in one of its days. 😉

You might remember last week when I joined my fellow bloggers all around the world in a silent day event honoring “FOR JAPAN WITH LOVE”,to raise money and awareness for the disasters in Japan, they were able to raise over 6oK and thru Shelterbox  families in Japan are being helped.Shelter Box provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters at the time when they need it the most .

 Tomorrow  and Friday ( March 30th and 31st) we’ll have an Event On Facebook: UNITE TO HELP For Japan With Love.

You can also be part of it by checking their page  here.

 Be part of it, donate and spread the word

























On another note, for the first time ever I’m going to participate on the Ultimate Blog Party 2011, hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. If you have a blog  this is a major online event with a great opportunity to showcase yourself and your products. You can read more about it here












I’m also thrilled to be part of the “Top 25 Plannin’ Moms”  from Circle of Moms and I’d love if you could vote for me (lots of kuddos going your way <3) from now until April 11th and you can vote once a day.







Also if you have Facebook come check us out and stay tuned for a nice giveaway coming your way *it rhymed*

Happy Wednesday to you!

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I wanted to share with you the cutest party ever!! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it!

If you follow this blog you already know that I love details,when it came time to create my son’s 1st birthday party I discovered that the details make a lot of diference – you can check his party here.

This party is ALL about the details

It is a garden inspired 1st birthday party with everything girls love. Flowers, dolls, butterflies, bows and all the pretty colors –  don’t you just love it when is not a pink takeover party??!!! I do 🙂

Leiza put this whole party together- with the help of a friend, for her daughter’s 1st birthday (she is one talented mamma!!).I’m loving the checkered fabric and pattern used all around the party, and how about the wheelbarrows?ohhh so pretty!!! So much inspiration!

She lives with her husband and her daughter Julee in Brazil. They are missionaries there and is so amazing to see how God is showing His love to the people there thru their lives.

 I’m so happy to see this beautiful family celebrating the first year of their precious baby.

Ok, I will type say no more…I hope you enjoy this as much as I do


Didn’t I tell you it was the cutest party ever?!!(wink *) Not sure if I even have a favorite, no wait, I do, the birthday girl! She is just sooo adorable!!

Congratulations to Leiza for putting together such a lovelly party and happy birthday Julee!

Happy Friday y’all!!

PS: Before I forget ,stop by our Facebook page and find out about the online auction we’re being part of for March of Dimes.

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A couple of weeks ago it was my hubby’s birthday and even thou he didn’t want me to do anything I just couldn’t help myself. I decided to have a dinner at our house to celebrate his last birthday before the big 3.O and he had so much fun.

I used earthy tones to decorate it because… well  I thought it was more “manly” 🙂

The menu had his favorite things. He loves Bacalhau (Salted Cod Fish) so I made a very yummy recipe for him ( I ❤ him so much!!), we also had shrimp salad with asiago sticks, crab and spinach dip and salad.

The dessert table was  SCRUMPTIOUS and so chocolatey!! Besides the chocolate mousse cake we had coffee macarons, Brigadeiro ( brazilian chocolate fudge. A must in any party!) and strawberries with homemade cream and Nuttella ( it was everyone’s favorite).

All pictures from Pam @ Pam Rodrigues Photography



I just wanted to thank God for giving me such a wonderful man! And thank you to everyone that came to celebrate Dan’s life with us!

On another note I wanted to thank everyone that supported the For Japan with Love cause. The donations surpassed the goal by 100%. Thank you!!! May God give you abundantly more!

Happy Tuesday!

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I was approached few weeks ago by Gabi, a dear friend and bride to be, to put together a bachelorette/Bridal shower in two (yes, two) days, so she could celebrate her best friend that was going back to Brazil and wasn’t going to make for the “official” shower ( that I’m also planning, wink *).

I decided to host the party at my house and wanted to incorporate a bit of Spring (that I know it will come to NY, eventually) and her love for Tulips.The menu was not your typical finger food. We had Tortellini Salad that were served on tea cups, Filet Mignon on sticks (yay for Bj’s), mini hamburgers and Phylo cups filled with quiche.  And for dessert we had the most delicious red velvet cupcake and lemon tarts from Cannelle Patisserie. Here is how it all turn out. All pictures from the always amazing Pam of Pam Rodrigues Photos





We had so much fun, all of us!! Congrats to Gabi and Lucas! Can’t wait to show you all I have planned  for the”Real” shower and reception.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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So my niece is turning 10 this year and she doesn’t want the princess party kind of thing anymore. No, she is a pre teen now and she needs something that’s girlie but not childish (so she says). I’ve been given the task to come out with a theme  for her party and I’m loving it! You see she is my first and ,until a few months ago, only niece ( baby Raquel is on the way, yay!!) so I’m really excited <3. They live in Brazil and her mom is going to use supplies from both countries to make this party a hit.

We are not quite sure on the theme yet  so I thought I would just put a few boards together and see what she decides

source: hostess blog

source: Glorious Treats

source: Sharnel Dollar Designs

source: etsy and Five Lucky Charms

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? I just love the french inspired party. Ooh la la …

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Christmas is only a day away and I can’t wait !!

We just had our celebration this past Sunday and it was a big success. Thanks again to everyone that helped!!

I want to share with you how it all turned out.

It all started with this invitation made by our friend and pastor,Lucas Walker. A big thanks to Juliana, Joyce and Tommy for all the help!

All pictures were taken by the fabulous Pam from Pam Rodrigues Photos

I decided to go with a red, green and blue color theme.

We had a delicious menu and for dessert we went with a chocolate fondue table

Can I just say that I loved this fondue table….it was scrumptious!!

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Oh Boy! I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is a week away! I’ve been planning a lunch celebration for our church that’s happening this coming Sunday and I have sooooo much to do.

Joshua is being sick for the past week ( poor baby got a stomach virus and 3 teeth coming out) so things here have being a bit chaotic – to say the least.

I had planned a dinner party for Saturday night but when Joshua woke up with a fever I had to cancel everything.

So, back to the Thanksgiving Celebration… here is the invite I designed

And I just can’t plan a party without having an inspiration board

all images Martha Stewart

I’ll keep you posted on what’s getting done. In the meantime here is something to brighten your day

I just think he’s the cutest, most handsome boy, but I might be bias


Happy Monday y’all!!!

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