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I am finally back to writing here on the blog after more than a year away.

I am back and I wanted to share with you some of the projects that I worked in 2013.

The first one I am sharing is my son’s 1st birthday. Yes, we had another baby, a baby boy that keeps bringing joy to our lives everyday.

This party was by far my favorite! I had so much fun planning it and bringing it to life (in just 3 weeks). My husband had asked me to do a Noah’s Ark theme and I loved the idea. Once¬†I knew the theme I started to plan it but wanted to do the Ark my way ūüôā

Our baby is such a fun boy, and he loves his toys, his food and Sophie (his teething Giraffe). Based on that I decided to create his ark, with the things he loves.  And if you know me and my designs you already noticed that all my parties are a reflection of the invitation I create for such event. This one was no different. Here is the invitation I created for the party:


And from there the party took shape…¬†

It is hard to tell you my favorite detail as I loved everything about how it all turned out.

We had in our backyard and the poles from the rented tent were the frame for the rainbow background I created using yarn. There was a lot of DIY projects for this party.

We had a naked cake (or almost naked) by Dona Doce Cakes as the centerpiece of the cake table and his name was used throughout.

A friend of ours used his carpenter skills and made the Ark that I used as the centerpiece for the favor/dessert table.

We had cars, trains and giraffes cake pops (amazingly delicious) by Cake Pops by Xpressive Designs.

Lots of candy and bonbons as part¬†of our Brazilian tradition, and of course, my latest obsession: MINI TO GO CONTAINERS! They were personalized with Noah’s name and inside I baked my favorite Orange Cake (recipe here).

I want to thank everyone that made this afternoon so enjoyable:

The amazing pictures (aside from the invitation that  I took with my phone) were by the ever talented Renata Rivera.

A huge thank you to my husband for supporting me ( and my out of the box ideas :P), to my mom and mother in law that were a huge help, and to the amazing Neide Lima, from GIF Floral and Events Designs, for bringing her talent and her friendship all the way from Orlando. To my dear friend Luciana from  Arts and Glamour Events and her husband for creating the Ark, and all the help and patience with me :).

Hope you enjoy the pics!


IMG_2850SM IMG_8051FB IMG_8038FB1-001 IMG_8043FB IMG_8048FB IMG_8063FB IMG_8042FB IMG_2857SM unnamed IMG_8066FB IMG_8041editFB IMG_8137editFB IMG_8128FB IMG_8058FB-001 IMG_2863SM IMG_8052FB-001 IMG_8053FB IMG_8054FB IMG_8055FB IMG_8056FB IMG_8061FB IMG_8059FB IMG_8060FB IMG_8067FB-001 IMG_2849SM IMG_8133editFB IMG_8136FB-001 IMG_2930SM

Have an awesome Tuesday!!

Clemens Bastos

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¬†I know, I know , Christmas is only 19¬†days¬†away and here I am showing a summer party…but better late than ever, right ūüôā

Now, I do understand that Summer is gone and that everywhere you look all you see are winter parties or holiday related things, but hey, I live in Florida and it seems that Summer is here to stay ūüôā

¬†I showed you the invitation I designed for my son’s 3rd birthday. Today I will finally show you how it all turned out.

Like I mentioned before, the party was supposed to be at the club house, by the pool, but hurricane Isaac decided to be part of it and we had to have it in our house, something we decided on the morning of the party.

The theme was easy, but coming out with the decor took a bit longer. This party was very different from the other ones I did for him.

This one was really planned last minute, and when I say last minute I mean the week of.

Thank God for Homegoods!!

We used a net that my mom brought from Brazil  and the decor I had from my Homegoods as the background.

The sweet table had an Octopus cake, Snorkel cupcakes, yummy sea creature cookies ( by Brooke from ¬†BB Sweets), Octopus Pops ( made by yours¬†truly), Divers Mousse ( Aren’t they so cute???), Ocean Jello, and all the¬†Brazilian¬†favorites – brigadeiro, beijinho and doce de leite ninho ūüôā

Oh, and my favorite, the cake pops РI could not believe my eyes when I saw what Ximena from Cake Pops By Xpressive Designs  created.

They were PERFECT!

She even made the diver with curly hair.

We had a Hot Dogs and Hamburger Bar, along with Seaweed Salad ūüėČ

And make sure you take a look at the sea turtle we had. Nice from¬†Marvelous Brigadeiro made the cutest watermelon sea turtle I’ve ever seen!!

I¬†incorporated¬†the logo we created for the invitation on all the paper goods, and personalized even the¬†hamburger’s¬†wrappers.

Guests took home chevron paper bags ( for sale on my shop) with lots of sweets ( hey, it’s a kids party) including delicious cookies made by the talented Janet from Sweet Dough.

I won’t hold you much longer, be prepared for a ton of pictures.¬†

Look for all the vendors at the end of the post.


IMG_9976-001IMG_9977-001IMG_9978-001IMG_9945-001IMG_9946-001IMG_9948-001IMG_9950-001IMG_9969-001IMG_9930-001IMG_9974-001IMG_9921-001IMG_0025IMG_9928-001IMG_9955-001IMG_9954-001IMG_9953-001IMG_9987IMG_9934-001IMG_9931-001IMG_9979IMG_9981-001 IMG_9935-001 IMG_9937-001 IMG_9938-001 IMG_0024 IMG_0007 IMG_9988-001 IMG_0017 IMG_0008 IMG_9994-001 IMG_0001-001 IMG_0003 IMG_0002 IMG_9998-001 IMG_9997 IMG_9956-001 IMG_0013

Party planning and design – Clemens Designs

Paper goods, paper straws, paper suitcases and chevron bags РClemens Designs (Facebook)

Cake Pops РCake Pops By Xpressive Designs  (Facebook)

Cookies ( Sea horse and turtles) and cupcake toppers РBB Sweets (Facebook)

Cookies (Favors) – Sweet Dough (Facebook)

Sea Turtle – Marvelous Brigadeiro

Cake – Target

Decor – Homegoods

Tablecloths – TJ MAXX ( on sale for $5- YAY)


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I don’t know about you but as soon as I found out I was pregnant ( a few days before I was even late) I knew that I wanted the best for my baby. The 9 months before his arrival were filled with plans, lists, research, shopping and preparing ( and all the eating, of course).¬† But as soon as he was born I realized that it didn’t¬†matter for him if he was wrapped in the most expensive blanket ( NOT) or¬†driven¬†home in a Bentley, all he needed was food (aka ME) and shelter. And now my baby, once big enough to fit on my forearm, ¬†is a TODDLER (yeah, it hit me when I went to buy him clothes and the lady said I was on the wrong department, I needed to look at the toddler section – WHAT?) and is still the same thing for him. It doesn’t matter all the toys he has, the puzzles, the balls, the educational toys, no, he wants the simple things in life, like our recycling garbage can, or the empty box of diapers thet he goes in and out of it.

Do you see what I mean?

On that note I wanted to share a few things with you. A few months ago while visiting my friend in CT¬†I saw that she didn’t have any locks on her kitchen cabinets instead she had silly bandz¬†locking them.¬† At first I thought it was crazy of her but then as I “inspected” it I realized it was a great idea. So as soon as we got home I decided to give it¬† a try. I didn’t have any silly bandz¬†at home ( her being a teacher gives her way more access to them) but we tried with rubber band and I have to say they work really good. I don’t have¬†a very good picture to prove¬†my point but you can see a bit here

 Something else that I am loving and is NOT a baby item comes from this place

If you live in New York city or ever visited you for sure know this place. They have the most amazing rice pudding ever!!!If you never been there, don’t worry they ship it to your house (click here). We’ve been there many times, every time we have a guest from out of town we go there, and they give your pudding in something like this


After struggling with the right baby toddler spoon I came to find this in my cabinet ( actually tons of it, from every time we went there, it seems it followed us home) and let me tell you they are just perfect, for real!



These things are not officially BABY ITEMS, oh at leat in my house!

Great friday everyone!

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