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I can not belive my little baby is two already.

His birthday party was scheduled for a couple of weekends ago but Irene decided to show up uninvited and we had to postpone for a week later. And let me tell you it was just the perfect day for the most important person of our lives.

I decided to have the party at our own backyard and to cook the food myself – note to self: Catering!!!- dear internet please remind me of this next year ;).

The theme, as I mentioned here, was airplanes and the color orange. I created the design for the party making paper airplanes out of polka-dotted paper.

I worked with my sister-in-law, owner of Tudo de Bom Arte e Festa and we created a logo that was used throughout the whole decor.

I also wanted to forgo the whole idea of a “dessert table” and went with a “cubed display” instead.

I sent kids home with their own suitcase, hand stitched and personalized with each kid’s name on it. Inside we had Joshua’s favorites:Playdough, markers, stickers, fruit snacks (Cars, of course), and a blank canvas.

We had a blast, Joshua loved every minute of his party. There was an appearance by his favorite characters, Elmo and Buzz. I have no words to describe his face when he saw Elmo coming down the stairs. It was priceless!!

We had ice cream cone, cotton candy, face painting, tattoos, glow sticks, airplane shaped sandwiches, popcorn…so much fun!!!

Hope you are in for a load of pictures…Pam Rodrigues Photography once again rocked my world!


Thank you so much to everyone that joined us as we celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday! You are all very dear to our hearts!

Happy Wednesday!!

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