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Remember the darling baby shower my sister-in-law had a while ago that I had the pleasure to show you? And remember how I promised you a tutorial on these adorable baby shoes she used as favors?

Well, I’m a girl that delivers – even with a few months of delay.

My sister-in-law had promised me the tutorial but didn’t have a chance to photograph the process step by step because she was very busy with her baby girl. She was finally able to send me the tutorial with lots of pictures and I’m so excited to share it with you.

So without further ado I present you our first tutorial:

The Materials

  1. Template ( click here to download)
  2. Scissors
  3. Paper
  4. Glue
  5. Buttons
  6. Bows (made out of paper or fabric bows)

Step by step instructions:

  1. Print out the free template and cut it

2.  Using the template trace  out the shape of the shoe and the sole into the scrap paper of your choice

3. And cut it

4. Mark the 3rd tab  and the sole of the shoe and start gluing there ( as shown in the picture) Put a dot of glue on each tab and glue the shoe, making sure that the part that is being glued is actually facing the inside

5. After finishing with the glue all you need is the embellishments. You could use bows or buttons.

So here you go, our first tutorial, step by step. The possibilities are endless…I’m already planning to use them for a baby shower I’m designing for next month. The mom to be is having a boy and all I need to do is use some boyish colors and voila.

Would love to know how do you plan to use them.

Stay tuned for a few special post later on this week…

In a few days I celebrate my 7th anniversary and that last week before my wedding day keeps coming to my mind, all the plans, the dreams and the joy of starting a new life with the man I love. I’m so thankful to God for having this amazing man by my side! And this week I want all to be part of our story…

Happy Wednesday!!

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