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I was approached few weeks ago by Gabi, a dear friend and bride to be, to put together a bachelorette/Bridal shower in two (yes, two) days, so she could celebrate her best friend that was going back to Brazil and wasn’t going to make for the “official” shower ( that I’m also planning, wink *).

I decided to host the party at my house and wanted to incorporate a bit of Spring (that I know it will come to NY, eventually) and her love for Tulips.The menu was not your typical finger food. We had Tortellini Salad that were served on tea cups, Filet Mignon on sticks (yay for Bj’s), mini hamburgers and Phylo cups filled with quiche.  And for dessert we had the most delicious red velvet cupcake and lemon tarts from Cannelle Patisserie. Here is how it all turn out. All pictures from the always amazing Pam of Pam Rodrigues Photos





We had so much fun, all of us!! Congrats to Gabi and Lucas! Can’t wait to show you all I have planned  for the”Real” shower and reception.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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