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I don’t know about you but as soon as I found out I was pregnant ( a few days before I was even late) I knew that I wanted the best for my baby. The 9 months before his arrival were filled with plans, lists, research, shopping and preparing ( and all the eating, of course).  But as soon as he was born I realized that it didn’t matter for him if he was wrapped in the most expensive blanket ( NOT) or driven home in a Bentley, all he needed was food (aka ME) and shelter. And now my baby, once big enough to fit on my forearm,  is a TODDLER (yeah, it hit me when I went to buy him clothes and the lady said I was on the wrong department, I needed to look at the toddler section – WHAT?) and is still the same thing for him. It doesn’t matter all the toys he has, the puzzles, the balls, the educational toys, no, he wants the simple things in life, like our recycling garbage can, or the empty box of diapers thet he goes in and out of it.

Do you see what I mean?

On that note I wanted to share a few things with you. A few months ago while visiting my friend in CT I saw that she didn’t have any locks on her kitchen cabinets instead she had silly bandz locking them.  At first I thought it was crazy of her but then as I “inspected” it I realized it was a great idea. So as soon as we got home I decided to give it  a try. I didn’t have any silly bandz at home ( her being a teacher gives her way more access to them) but we tried with rubber band and I have to say they work really good. I don’t have a very good picture to prove my point but you can see a bit here

 Something else that I am loving and is NOT a baby item comes from this place

If you live in New York city or ever visited you for sure know this place. They have the most amazing rice pudding ever!!!If you never been there, don’t worry they ship it to your house (click here). We’ve been there many times, every time we have a guest from out of town we go there, and they give your pudding in something like this


After struggling with the right baby toddler spoon I came to find this in my cabinet ( actually tons of it, from every time we went there, it seems it followed us home) and let me tell you they are just perfect, for real!



These things are not officially BABY ITEMS, oh at leat in my house!

Great friday everyone!

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