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I know, I know…you miss it and I do too so to please everyone I had to re-start this special series ( not sure why it stopped in first place) and today’s feature is such a clever one. As you all know I’m a stay at home mom and I just love when I see a fellow SAHM succeed in the business world.

I would like to present you Becky Rabson, she’s the creator of The SmartSeat Chair Protector. She’s from Newton, MA and came up with the idea and design when she was looking for an attractive, waterproof cover for her new dining room chairs. She couldn’t find anything that she liked, so she made her own ( I so Like her!!)!


The SmartSeat Chair Protector is made from a very soft and comfortable fabric, but is completely waterproof and has a neat and tailored fit. The covers are designed to fit most standard-sized dining room and kitchen chairs and have adjustable straps that are easy to use and give a snug and secure fit, making them a great way to protect your chairs from spills, stains (grape juice, perhaps?), and everyday wear and tear.  They also work really well under booster seats.   

Check them out and let them know you saw them here. And if you know any other SAHM that runs a business let me know and I would love to feature her (Photos by Renata you are next!)

Happy Wednesday y’all!

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