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Countdown for Christmas

I’m sorry for being so bad, I really am. We were away for Thanksgiving and it seems that a very annoying flu decided to ride back home with us and we’re all sharing the same sore throat, cough and bodyache.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were reminded of what really matters in life, because sometimes we get cought up on things and forget the real deal.

On another note, November is gone and can I just say that Christmas is right around the corner…Oh my!! I haven’t even put up our decorations yet, have you?

I haven’t checked any website or blog since we left for Thanksgiving and I’m so overhelmed by all the post that are out there. There are so many things going on that I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch up, but to start things right and put you and myself in the holiday spirit I have a few things to share with you today.

First of all, I did my first Christmas wreath and let me tell you that i got fooled by the whole project, it seemed to much easier than what it was, but at the end it came out ok. Not perfect, but ok for being the first one

I used the wreath wire that I got at Michaels for less than $4, Christmas balls from the Dollar tree ( some of them I covered with yarn – found that less expensive than using styrofoam balls) and a few sweater flowers that i did myself. The inspiration came from Kristi from Life through the lens and I’m aware that mine is far away from hers but it was my first …. 🙂

We even used it as a prop

what do you think?

Also, starting today, I’m going to be doing an inspiration board to get you (and myself) inspired. I’m planning a Christmas party for the church and I’m loving all the ideas that are out there.

I just love this one from The White Library and I love how the red, white and silver are displayed

And how about a red and aqua dessert table from Green Apple Paperie

What color palette are you using for your party? I would love to know

Stay tuned for our next inspirations and don’t forget to LIKE US on Facebook.

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