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So I’ve been trying to make this blog a reality for a very long time but somehow the days are going faster that I predicted.

The journey of Motherhood is being quite amazing, baby JD is already 7 months and is being wonderful seeing him unfold into this  unique little person.I’m loving being able to stay with him, to watch him discover the world around him.

He’s already on solid food, crawling, sitting by himself, sleeping thru the night ( what’s the real definition of that anyways???), getting his first tooth and so much more….

It seems that there are not enough hours on the day to do the things around the house and then I realize that my huge to do list is not priority anymore – JD IS!!!!

I’ll keep this post short and I promise to come back tomorrow.

Too bad I’m doing it in English – not even my mom will be able o read it 🙂

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